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A short list of our rental equipment
Additional items and specifications on request
Please contact us for advice on your project


Full HD 1080p 5000 lumen / contrast ratio 2000.1 / lens shift / corner correction | white

Full HD 1080p portable 2000 lumen contrast ratio 10.000:1 | white

Full HD 1080p 2400 lumen contrast ratio 50.000:1/ Rec 709 / lens shift | black

projector mounts:

Audipack pro ceiling mount 50-70 cm

Audipack pro wall mount 60 cm

audio: speakers

JBL Control 25 150 watt at 8 Ohm | compact installation speakers with wall mount | white

JBL control 1 Pro 150 watt at 4 Ohm | compact installation speaker with wall mount | white

Cambridge Audio Min-21 50 watt at 8 Ohm | mini satellite speakers with wall mount | white

audio: amplifiers

5.1 / 7.1 surround receiver 95 watt per channel at 8 ohm

5.1 surround receiver 80 watt per channel at 8 ohm

stereo hifi amplifier 110 watt at 8 ohm

stereo mini amplier 15 watt

headphone amplifier 1 x in 4x jack out


Tvix Slim S1 full HD up to 1080p50 + 128GB SSD storage stereo / spdif surround audio

WD compact full HD videoplayer up to 1080p25 from USB media

synchronizable videoplayers:

BrightSign networked videplayer full HD/4K up to 4096x2160x60p

RSF Pro-DVP HD full HD interactive videoplayer up to 1080p50


Brightsign interactive audio player with optional push button console


Sony PVM CRT 4:3 monitor 14 inch

JVC CRT 4:3 monitor 17 inch

Barco CRT 4:3 monitor 20 inch

Sony Full HD LCD 32 inch ultra flat 16:9 inch

Panasonic 40 inch HD ready plasma monitor + side sound bars

Panasonic 42 inch professional videowall monitor 1.5 mm bezel


universal passage sensor max 15 m.


download verhuurlijst in PDF format

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information or advice: ivo[at]videoartlab.nl

contact: info[at]videoartlab.nl